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MATLAB is a mathematical programming language, developed by Mathworks. Matlab is the short form for "MATrix LABoratory". It is a tool for numerical visualisation and computation, primary meant for use by engineers and engineering students. The basic data element of Matlab is a 'Matrix' and it is used to manipulate array-based data. Matlab is almost entirely written in C++ and the little remaining part is written in Matlab itself and PERL. You can even compile Matlab programs and run it as stand-alone applications. The Matlab guide, plotting and desktop UI's (User Interfaces) are written in Java. Check out the new features in the latest version of Matlab, R2017a. A quick introduction to Matlab might also help.

Matlab has found many uses in fields like:

DefenceAerospaceOil & Gas drillingBiotechnology
GeometryStatistics3D analysisMarine Engineering
AlgebraData SimulationsResearch & DevelopmentMathematical Modelling

We cannot compare functionalities provided by Matlab with those of MS Excel or Calc, which are pretty fundamental. Matlab Assignment Help provided by our online assignment help experts seek to bridge gaps in knowledge and ensure the student (that is, you) get top marks in your term or semester assessments. All Matlab homework solutions provided by us come with the guarantee of expert review and top marks. UrgentHomeworkHelp.Com is the top provider of college homework help.

matlab assignment help


We provide college homework help for Matlab (and for Simulink too). Both Matlab and Simulinks are products of Mathworks. Most of our experts come with extensive training on all Mathworks products and you can consider us as your very own private tutor online for Matlabs, because we are available 24x7 and if you have any questions all you need to do is to drop us an email and we will be happy to answer it for you. If you do not have time for emails, then, we are available 24x7 on chat, on our website. We follow a strict policy of academic integrity so that you are assured of high marks for the Matlab assignments our experts write for you. If you have a deadline for submission, we will absolutely make sure to deliver the completed assignment on time to you. Our assignment experts look into the minutest details of your homework assignment and leave no stone unturned to deliver quality assignments to you. Our passion for quality is reflected in every aspect of the work that we deliver to you.


Matlab homework problems require you to understand what is Matlab used for in real life? You might want to start with this Introduction to Matlab. Then, if you only have to acquire and analyse small quantities of data just one or two times, you can easily do that with regular spreadsheets like Excel (from Microsoft) or Calc (from OpenOffice). You can then analyse the data statistically using statistics software applications like SPSS or Statistica. You don't really have to use Matlab for these small tasks. But if you have large quantities of data which have been collected by automated processes using computers or any other software applications then Matlab should be the tool of your choice. Good examples of automated data collection are Psycho-physical experiments like EEG, FMRI, EYE Tracking, Galvanic Skin Resistance Measurements, Internet Questionnaires, log files etc. Large volumes of data present in these analyses are too big to be analysed using regular spreadsheets and the exporting it to SPSS or Statistica (Statistics software).Recalculating entire data-sets with revised parameters is done more efficiently using MATLAB. MATLAB also offers a wide range of graphics, statistical and other functions to analyse large volumes of data which are not available in the spreadsheets and statistical applications like SPSS and Statistica. We would recommend a good read like Programming with Matlab for Engineers James B Riggs.


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Label Horizontal Axisxlabel('text')
Label Vertical Axisylabel('text')
Attaching a title to a plottitle('text')
Change X & Y axes limitsaxis([xmin xmax ymin ymax])
Continue plotting in same windowhold on
Turn off continue plotting in same windowhold off

MATLAB Function, Constant/OperationMATLAB Command
+ (addition)+
* Multiplication*
/ Division/
|x| (absolute value of x)abs(x)
square root of xsqrt(x)
ln x (natural log)log(x)
log10 x (base 10 log)log10(x)
sin xsin(x)
cos xcos(x)
tan xtan(x)
cot xcot(x)
arcsin xasin(x)
arccos xacos(x)
arctan xatan(x)
arccot xacot(x)

matlab assignment help


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matlab assignment help

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