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Welcome to the best website for engineering assignment help, for college and university homework & projects. If you are looking for high quality mechanical engineering assignment help, you have reached the right place. Get expert assistance for any mechanical engineering assignment topic, including mechanical design, computer aided design(CAD), robotics, mechanics, biotechnology, automobile engineering, aerospace engineering, structural analysis, control systems, design engineering, autonomous systems engineering, biomedical engineering, heat transfer, thermodynamics engineering & energy engineering, Matlab programming, Catia, Solidworks, Simulink and a lot more.

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Our engineering experts write high-quality, 100% plagiarism-free mechanical engineering assignments for college and university students. Mechanical engineering is counted among the most popular and interesting bracnches of engineering all over the world. Those who study mechanical engineering are called mechanical engineers and they do a lot of interesting stuff in the course of a regular day.

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Mechanical engineers design, develop, build, test and run machines, which are also known as mechanical devices. They create everything, from micro-sensors, agricultural equipment, household equipment, medical devices, computers, car engines, robots, cooking stoves, sports equipment, planes, ships and even robots. Mechanical engineering developed from the basic need of man to design and develop machines that would make his life easier. Mechanical engineering is deployed in building small, individual parts and devices, like the nozzle of inkject printers to huge systems like machine tools, space crafts and cars. Our online assignment experts provide homework solutions that are used by thousands of students in different countries for different subjects.

We are available on email, chat and WhatsApp (on +1.289.499.9269) 24 hours a day, all through the year. You can also email us at [email protected] and one of us will get in touch with you right away.

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Mechanical Engineering is the branch of engineering which combines engineering physics, mathematics, and material science and the assimilated knowledge in used in designing, manufacturing, analysing, and maintaining mechanical systems. Areas of knowledge upon which mechanical engineering focuses include fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, manufacturing of mechanical systems, heat transfer, and many others. Disciplines like automobile engineering and power plant engineering are sub-branches of mechanical engineering. This discipline rose to prominence following the 18th century industrial revolution in Europe but its origin can be traced back to more than 1000 years before the 18th century; it was one of the initial disciplines of engineering that shaped the physical world as it is known today.


Mechanical engineering assignment questions are given to engineering students so that they can solve problems based on real-life situations. Solving these questiosn will give you the knowledge, experience and confidence to handle similar situations, should they occur later. Mechanical engineers build products from an idea to the market place. To become a successful mechanical engineer, you must understand mechanical and thermal forces that the product, its components and sub-components will encounter. Then you will have to build the individual machine parts and components that will not fail in real-life situations. You will also need to know the right type of raw-materials that will be required to build the mechanical parts. Do you have to write an assignment on force systems mechanical engineering problems? Talk to us and we will have one of our engineering experts to write it for you quickly and efficiently. Actually, our online assignment helpers write high-quality engineering assignments on any mechanical engineering assignment topic. Chat with us on our website 24x7 and we will suggest the most cost-effective solution for you.


Thermodynamics study the relationship between heat, temperature, energy, and work. It studies the transfer of energy from one place and form to another place and form. It is centred around the understanding that heat is a form of energy which can be generated through a specific amount of mechanical work. There are three fundamental laws of thermodynamics. The first law states that energy can neither be created or destroyed, it can only change form, and therefore the total quantity of energy in the universe is constant. The second law states that when energy exchanges take place, if no energy enters or leaves the system, then potential energy of the state will be less than the initial energy. Third law of thermodynamics establishes that as temperature approaches absolute zero, entropy of a system approaches a constant minimum. These principles are applied to the study of thermo-science, which is used by mechanical engineers to design power plants, engines, air conditioning, ventilation, heat sinks, refrigerators, radiators, insulators, and other machines.


Fluid Mechanics studies characteristics of fluids in motion and fluids in rest, the two being known as fluid dynamics and fluid statics, respectively. In fluid mechanics, fluid is defined as something that continuously changes under stress, irrespective of the magnitude of the stress being applied. Fluid mechanics offer an understanding regarding the behaviour of fluids under different atmospheric pressures and forces, which makes it possible to choose the right fluids for various applications, depending upon their properties. Mechanical engineers depend on theories of fluid mechanics while developing various systems like refrigerator, coolers, air conditioners, radiators and others.


In machine designs, scientific principles and engineering methods are used to produce machines, tools, or structures which are cost effective and which fulfil the purpose they are built for. From a car to a satellite to a refrigerator and computer, all fall under the definition of a machine. Machine design is limited to the ‘designing’ of the machine, the building up of the ‘idea,’ which would then lead to the production of the tangible machine. Study of machine design focuses on three crucial areas. Firstly, there is Mechanical behaviour which concentrates on statics, dynamics, vibrations, fatigue, reliability, and strength of materials. Secondly, there are mechanical elements which include different parts of machinery such as springs, bearings, seals, gears, couplings, fasteners, and others. Thirdly, there is the study of mechanical processes such as engineering statistics, quality control, computerized machine control, life cycle analysis, and ergonomics.


Robotics is an interdisciplinary area of study that requires knowledge to be drawn from the branches of mechanical engineering, computer science, and electrical engineering, using which engineers can design, construct, operate robots and introduce new applications. Robotics is also useful with regard to the improvement of computer systems because robotics applies to sensory feedbacks, control, and information processing of computers. Mechanical engineering is essential is designing, developing, constructing, and testing mechanical sensors or devices. Mechanical engineers are basically responsible for all things related to the designing and manufacturing of physical or mechanical aspects of robots and robotic appliances.


CAD stands for Computer-aided Design and CAM stands for Computer-aided Manufacturing. Both CAD and CAM involve the use of computer-aided programs and software to control machine tools and they provide impetus to manufacturing processes. CAD is the use of software to design models of machines, to check their efficiency and cost effectiveness before the prototype can be approved for production. Models and assemblies of different parts of machines which are created through CAD are then employed by CAM software to generate toolpaths that drive tools to develop the designs into machine parts. CAD/CAM is an important course in mechanical engineering because engineers need to learn the use of relevant software so that they can design and develop the most ergonomic models for machines with convenience. Without these designs, it would not be possible to produce nearly perfect prototypes of machines at once.


Given below is a list of the various disciplines or branches of mechanical engineering. By no means a complete list, this is provided only to give you a better understanding about the scope and variations of mechanical engineering.

Acoustics Engineering Aerospace Engineering Automation Engineering
Automotive Engineering Autonomous Systems Engineering Structural analysis Engineering
Computer Aided Design (CAD) Automotive Engineering Energy Engineering
Manufacturing and additive manufacturing Ergonomics Robotics Engineering
Biotechnology Engineering Mechanics Engineering Composites Engineering
Production planning Engineering Design Engineering Control Systems Engineering
Healthcare Engineering Cyber security Engineering Nanotechnology Engineering


This is the sub-branch of mechanical engineering which specifically concentrates on designing, development, manufacturing, and improvement of the mechanics of automobiles. CAD/CAM is of great relevance with respect to Automobile engineering because the automobile industry is unanimously dependent on these software for building designs of automobiles. While automobile engineering incorporates knowledge from other branches like electrical engineering, software engineering, and electronic engineering, mechanical engineering remains the branch that governs the elemental study automobile engineering because without the knowledge of machine design, thermodynamics, aerodynamics, fluid dynamics, and CAD/CAM it would be impossible to design an automobile. While study of automobile engineering is limited to cars, trucks, bikes, scooters, buses, and other land vehicles, this discipline combines with the disciplines of naval architecture and aerospace engineering to constitute the discipline of vehicle engineering, which too is largely dependent on mechanical engineering for the same reasons as stated above.


Nanotechnology is one of the latest frontiers in mechanical engineering which has made it possible to make new strides in the study of manufacturing, robotics, fluid mechanics, heat transfer, and combustion among others. Nanotechnology allows components to be altered at their most basic level, and this can be applied to the study of machines, their designing, development, and functioning. In mechanical engineering, use of nanotechnology has facilitated manufacturing through 3D Printing, manufacturing of new metal alloys and composites, manufacturing of new plastics and composites, and several such inventions.


Aerodynamics studies how gases affect moving bodies, and since gases are mostly encountered in air, aerodynamics focuses on the behaviour of moving bodies in air. It is stated by the Law of Gravity that anything that moves up (away from earth’s surface) would eventually have to come down because of the gravitational pull of earth. Law of Aerodynamics states that it is possible for a body to go up from the surface of earth and to stay there until it deliberately decides to come down, as can be seen in case of a satellite or an aeroplane. Mechanical engineering makes use of principles of aerodynamics to produce advanced machines such as planes, jets, rockets, hypersonic air-breathing engines, and others. Principles of aerodynamics are also applicable while shaping various mechanical parts of automobiles, ships, and submarines.


Mechanical engineers are always creating and inventing new things. At UrgentHomeworkHelp.Com, we work with some of the most qualified and competent mechanical engineers who also double up as mechanical engineering assignment experts due to their passion for writing and helping other people get top marks and do well in their respective lives. We can guarantee that our mechanical engineering problems and solutions will get you top scores and instant recognition in your institution for doing high-quality, research-based and analytically verifiable work. Everything that we write in your mechanical engineering assignment will be easily verifiable and properly referenced in line according to any popular referencing styles that you desire. No matter how difficult your mechanical engineering assignment topic is, our mechanical engineering experts can and solve it for you easliy.


Analysis Design or Redesign System Components Develop and Test Prototypes
Manage Manufacturing Process Develop and Implement New Systems Provide Customer Support
Write Programming Code Research New Concepts Collect & Analyze Statistical Data using Matlab
Manage Engineering Projects Monitor Pressure, Pumps, Read Reports Communicate with stake holders


Refrigeration systems comprise of circulation systems which are built to restrict coolants to a limited confined environment; air conditioning on the other hand is a circulation system built to project cool air away from the disperser into the surrounding environment. Both of these machines and circulation systems are inventions accorded by mechanical engineering and electrical engineering. Since these technologies have found widescale use in buildings to automobiles, it is crucial for mechanical engineers to understand the basics of refrigeration and air conditioning.


Acoustics is the study of sound and vibrations, and acoustics can be applied to technology to produce or prevent certain effects. Mechanical engineers use principles of acoustics to design sonic vibration platforms which have great utility in healthcare sector since they can stimulate cells, muscles, blood vessels through vibrations. In designing machines like microphones and loudspeakers, mechanical engineers need to make use of acoustics, and the use of these technologies in phones, laptops, televisions and other machines underline the significance of acoustics. Study of acoustics have also enabled mechanical engineers to design advanced tools like hydrophones which can detect sounds underwater and has helped to design all machines that receive or send radio signals.


Today, there is competition everywhere. When you start looking for a job, nobody is going to be interested to know HOW you got your marks. They will only want to know how much you scored. Do not get left behind in your career because of low marks. Get help from our mechanical engineering assignment experts who will be happy to write a profesional, plagiarism-free assignment for you at very affordable charges. We are just an email away - all you have to do is to send us one email, with all relevant attachments to [email protected] and we will contact you in less than 10 minutes. Time is precious - and time, once gone, will never come back. Get those top marks while you can. With over 3890 assignment experts who work with us, we can handle any mechanical engineering assignment topic and deliver a well written, original and high-scoring engineering assignment papers to you.


If you think you landed an unreasonably tough mechanical engineering assignment topic, simply email it to us and we will solve it for you. We work on last-minute mechanical engineering assignment help requests, sometimes even requests for overnight submissions. That is because we have a great team of well-qualified and experienced mechanical engineering experts who work with us from different timezones and in case of any urgent requests, we assign it to the best expert who is available at that time. We are obsessed with quality and have zero tolerance plagiarism and poor quality. Our internal Quality Assurance (QA) team goes over every single assignment written by our experts and check them for quality, spelling mistakes, formatting, grammar, diction and most importantly, plagiarism. (We use industry standard tools like Turnitin and Copyscape to check plagiarism.) We deliver the completed homework problem only if it passes our own evaluations. This is how we are able to guarantee you top marks for all your mechanical engineering assignments written by our online assignment experts.

mechanical engineering assignment help


Our engineering homework experts are well versed in bending moment concepts in mechanical engineering. They can give you accurate inputs on sfd and bmd for cantilever beams, sfd and bmd for cantilever beam subjected to uniformly varying loads, bending moment diagram examples in mechanical engineering as well as how to draw a shear force and bending moment diagram for simply supported beams. We are just one email away - drop us an email with your mechanical engineering homework problem and we will be in touch with you in less than 10 minutes. And thats our guarantee!


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