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Solidworks 3D CAD assignment help for drawing, assembly, parts modelling, surfacing, sketching, drafting, FEA and simulation. Get help for Solidworks flow simulation, thermal simulation, motion study analysis and more. We deliver urgent Solidworks assignments in less than 24 hours.

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Solidworks Assignment Help, Australia


Welcome to the best website for Solidworks 3D CAD assignment help for college and university homework & projects in Australia. If you are looking for high quality Solidworks 2D & 3D CAD, CAM and CAE homework solutions for Solidworks Design, 2D & 3D Drawing, Parts modelling & assembly, Sketching, Drafting, Analyses, Conversion, Animation, Simulation, Surfacing, Projects, Reporting & more, you have reached the right place. We deliver excellent Solidworks assignments with 100% guaranteed top scores. Get your Solidworks FEA (Finite Element Analysis), motion, stress and thermal study assignments solved by our online assignment experts in no time. Looking for urgent assignment help? No problem! We can deliver urgent Solidworks assignments in as little as 6 hours! Check out our engineering assignment help page.

Solidworks Homework Help, Australia

Get instant help for all versions of Solidworks, from Solidworks 2012, 20213, 2016, 2017, 2022 and right up to Solidworks 2023.

We will complete and deliver your Solidworks modelling & assembly assignments exactly when you need it. In other words, if we accept your order, we will absolutely deliver it on the agreed date & time. Contact us any time of the night or day for instant online assignment help.

While we also provide 24 hour homework help for urgent assignments, we can deliver any Solidworks assignment or project exactly when you need it- like say, 03 hours, 6 hours, 8 hours or within 24 hours. We are only an email or a ping away and ready to help you any time. Get in touch with us now for cheap assignment help.

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WE RESPECT YOUR PRIVACY: You have our guarantee that we will never share or sell any information you share with us with any third-party or individual. Any information you share with us regarding your college or university assignment, is accessed only by authorized personnel and after we deliver your Solidworks assignment, it is permanently archived in secure servers and finally deleted. Every single Solidworks project we do for our customers is different. We deliver 100% custom assignment help for all subjects. We assure you of our fullest attention and guarantee you top scores, best quality and assured delivery on time.



Solidworks is the most extensively used industry-standard 3D solid modelling computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided engineering (CAE) computer program package that empowers and brings new innovation to the design engineering in the business and education world today. It was developed by Dassault Systemes and works primarily in Microsoft Windows.

Solidworks constitutes both powerful 2D and 3D CAD tools that enable the design engineers to introduce cutting edge innovation to the global market. The CAD design collection of Solidworks 3D CAD is the most powerful, easy-to-use, and efficient solution for product development, utilized by the part assembly and product designers to create assemblies, parametric parts, and production-level drawings. Solidworks can be employed to develop very precise 3D CAD models for complex surfaces, structural weldments, product designs, engineering, sheet metal designs and other products. Solidworks can be employed to develop very precise 3D CAD models for complex surfaces, structural weldments, product designs, engineering, sheet metal designs and other products.

Solidworks 3D CAD communicates, validates, creates and manages the development of a product at a much faster pace. It will also minimize the manufacturing cost, introduce your products to the market faster by enhancing the quality and reliability of the product around a wide sphere of industries. The wizards of Solidworks also automates the design, determine the impacts that various components can have on the environment, discover the enhancement in design productivity and perform strength tests. It also double-checks the design of the file, maintains a record of all the 3D files and creates 3D animations and images.

Solidworks utilizes the principle of parametric design to develop three types of interconnected files: the assembly, the part and the drawing. Any modification in one of these files will be directly reflected in the other two files as well.

According to Wikipedia SOLIDWORKS is a

solid modeling computer aided design (CAD) and computer aided engineering(CAE) computer program that runs on Microsoft Windows.



3D Solid Modelling: Create and edit assembly models and 3D parts that update automatically according to the changes in design.

Conceptual Design: Solidworks also creates layout sketches with applying forces and motions to gauge the performance of the mechanism. It also imports images to be used as a reference for developing 3D geometry.

Large Assembly Design: It is used to create as well as manage large assembly designs while working in simplified or detailed modes.

Bill of Material (BOM): Solidworks generates automated bills of material with cut lists & balloon note callouts that update according to the changes in models and outputs to Excel or uploads to ERP/MRP systems.

Eliminate Interferences: Solidworks checks for interfaces, clearances and collisions between various components to ensure correct operation.

Collaborate and Communicate: Solidworks is used to share CAD data with other team members and collaborate easily with product designs.

Advanced Surfacing: Solidworks is used to create and edit complex surfaces and solid geometries, including stylish C2 surfaces.

Design Automation: Solidworks includes all the automated repetitive design tasks, including generating parts, drawing and assembly.

Sheet Metal: Sheet metals are used as enclosures for components or to support other components. A sheet metal part can be designed without referring to the parts that it will enclose. The part can be designed by simply referring to the assembly of which the enclosed component is a part.

Weldments: Using weldments, you can design a weldment structure as a single multi-body part composed of gussets, plates and structural members.

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Solidworks Assignment Help, Australia


Solidworks Assemblies: Complex assemblies can be built by combining various components; these components can be either parts or new assemblies, referred to as subassemblies. A link between the assembly and component is created by adding new components to the assembly. On opening the assembly, all the component files of the assembly will be visible. Any change made in any component will be reflected directly in the assembly.

Solidworks Costing Tool: The costing tool of Solidworks enables designers to calculate the estimated cost to manufacture sheet metals, multi-body parts, machined and assemblies, 3D printed, cast and plastic molded parts and multi-body weldments to automate the quotation process and cost estimation.

Solidworks Import and Export: Incoming colors are analyzed by Solidworks and are then combined while assigning them to a new assembly of parts of Solidworks. This minimizes the number of visual properties when files are imported with appearances, and time is saved on loading the imported models.

Solidworks Motion Studies: Graphical stimulation of motion for the assembly models is referred to as motion studies. Visual properties such as camera and light perspective can be incorporated into a motion study. The properties of the assembly model are not changed by motion studies; they animate and stimulate the prescribed motion.

Solidworks Configurations: It enables us to create variations in a part of the assembly or assembly model that is part of a single document. It provides an efficient way to develop as well as manage the families of models with various different components, dimensions and parameters. A name and property must be specified to create a configuration, with further modifying the model to create variations in design.

Solidworks Design Study: A design study can be utilized to evaluate as well as optimize design models. Design Study can be run by two main modes, evaluation, where discrete value for each variable is specified, and sensors are used as constraints. Various combinations of values and reports are used by the software to run the study. Optimization, where the value for each variable is specified either as range or discrete value. The specified goal is met by the software by running iterations of the values and by reporting the optimum combination of values.

Solidworks 2D Drawings: In a Solidworks 2D model, details including dimensions, datums, notes, annotations and geometric tolerances can be included. On creating 2D drawings of the model, dimensions, annotations, and details can be inserted from the model to the drawing.

Solidworks Sketches: Sketches form the basis of a 3D model and is created first when a new part document is opened. A sketch can be created in any of the default planes, right plane, top plane and front plane.

Solidworks Tolerancing: Various benefits are offered by tolerancing and geometric dimensioning, including standardizing the design language, making the design intent precise and clear to customers, production team and suppliers.


We have seen the fantastic journey that was made by this 3D CAD software and the immense possibilities it has opened up in the engineering industry in Australia, New Zealand and the rest of the world today. As mechanical engineers, you will also be working closely on this software and hopefully, be building great and innovative products. But as a student, it can be rather overwhelming at first and you might want to seek help.

Our Solidworks trained and certified assignment experts are available 24/7 to help you. Whether you need online Solidworks assignment help or engineering assignment help, our best SolidWorks experts are just an email or a ping away. Apart from doing your Solidworks assignment or project, you can also check with us for Solidworks assembly exercises and tutorials. Our experts will also be available to tutor you on difficult topics, if necessary, so that it does not sound unfamiliar to you when it is discussed in your class.

Get in touch with our Solidworks assignment experts today for guaranteed success.


Solidworks assignments topics may also include some of the following:

Solidworks Assignment Help, Australia


Placing an order for help with Solidworks assignments is as simple as emailing us your requirements using the ENQUIRY FORM provided in this page, on the right. Just fill in your contact details, add any additional information and attached relevant reference documents, if any, and send it to us. We will review it and contact you right away.

You can also chat with us right here on our website, 24/7 or on Whatsapp (+1.289.499.9269) and tell us exactly what you need and when you need it completed and delivered back. Share any relevant documentation. Tell us if you would like us to follow any particular referencing style. How many words do you need your assignment or project to be?

Give us all this information and then sit back and relax. You Will be surprised how quickly we get back to you with your fully completed Solidworks assignment dissertations. We will keep you updated with progress and once done, we put it through our internal quality checks. After that, we will deliver it to you on the confirmed delivery date.

We like to keep things simple and straight-forward. No complicated processes or extended wait times. No need to chase us for status updates - we will keep you updated with progress at every stage. No surprise delays or price-hikes. No putting up with rude and arrogant customer care executives. We are absolutely committed to delivering your completed Solidworks assignment on time.

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Solidworks Assignment Help, Australia


Solidworks SimulationXpress: This wizard navigates through all the steps that are required to define loads, fixtures, properties of a material, analyzing the model and obtaining results. The information is saved automatically on completing a step and then appears in the study tree of SimulationXpress, and it remains available there whenever SimulationXpress is restarted or closed.

Solidworks DFMXpress: This is an analysis tool that is employed to validate the manufacturability of Solidworks parts. It is also used to discover the design areas that might lead to problems in fabrication or enhance the cost of production.

Solidworks FloXpress: It is a fluid dynamics application that is employed to calculate the movement of fluid from parts to the assembly models. Depending on the velocity field calculated, the problem areas in the design can be identified and can be later improved before any parts are manufactured.

Solidworks Hole Wizard: It is a tool of Solidworks that enables one to quicky and easily create holes in the parts of the assembly or assemblies


Solidworks Routing Application: Solidworks Premium Software comes with a routing application. Using this application, a special type of subassembly can be created that builds a path for pipes, electrical cables, tubes, or ducts between different components. A route subassembly is automatically created by inserting a certain component into the assembly.

Solidworks SLDXML Data Exchange Application: Using the 3DEXPERIENCE application of Solidworks, designs can be saved in SLDXML file format. The parts and assemblies of Solidworks can be created by using data from these SLDXML files.

Solidworks Circuit Works Application: The circuit works application will appear on opening the ECAD file of Solidworks. This interface can be used to open, save as well as compare different ECAD files. The properties of ECAD can also be modified, the complexity of ECAD files can also be reduced by filtering the features and SolidWorks parts, and assembly models can be built.


Mold Design Tools: A mold can be created by utilizing a sequence of integrated tools that control the process of mold creation. These mold tools can also be utilized to analyze and correct deficiencies with either imported models with parts that are to be molded or Solidworks.

Solidworks Model-Based Definition: Using this tool, models can be created without drawing. It gives you an integrated manufacturing solution for the Solidworks software. It also helps business units to define, publish and organize the manufacturing information as well as 3D products.

Solidworks Utilities: It is a set of tools that can be employed to examine the geometry of a solid model in a detailed manner and compare different models.

TolAnalyst: It is a tolerance analysis tool used for analyzing the effects of assembly methods and tolerance poses on dimensional stack-up between multiple features of an assembly.


There are a number of advantages of getting Solidworks assignment help from our top CAD experts. Here are some of them:


Getting reliable and professional help for your Solidworks assignments online is easy and will take you less than 05 minutes to place your order:


urgent assignment help Australia First: get in touch with us and provide us with details of your assignment. Tell us what you need - share any relevant documentation and most importantly, tell us when you need your completed assignment. That is all the information we will need to get started.
urgent assignment help Australia Second: make the payment. For your convenience, we accept online payments through PayPal. You can pay online using any of your credit or debit card. You will get a receipt for your payment by email after a while. That is the official record for your payment.
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Solidworks Assignment Help, Australia Thanks to your Solidworks expert, I was able to submit my assignment on time. Initially, I was a little sceptical about the "urgent homework help" service but now I know it was a good decision to go ahead with them. Highly recommended!

- Terry (Sydney, Australia)

Solidworks Assignment Help, Australia Great-you guys did it again! Honestly, I wonder what I would have done if you wouldn’t have helped me. I submitted my Solidworks drawing assignment just in time and even got a word of appreciation from my professor!

- Claire (Melbourne, Australia)

Solidworks Assignment Help, AustraliaGlad I chose your Solidworks assignment help service. Your customer care rep, Lisa, listened to me carefully & made sure she had all the right information about my Solidworks exercise. Then I paid online. That was it! My completed assignment was delivered two days! Thoroughly professional.

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